Anson, Nate, Michelle, Jose, and Ashley touring a remediated mine site near Gunnison, Colorado – July 2021 Michelle and Rosalie calibrate a Jerome mercury vapor analyzer before collecting data from a small-scale gold ore processing facility.

Navodi and Shanru running natural gas experiments at METEC – June 2021.

Jose giving a TEDx talk Nov 2020 on small scale gold mining. Go Jose!!
Navodi presenting her research at the Soil Science Society of America virtual meeting in November 2020. Zhen presenting her research at the Soil Science Society of America virtual meeting November 2020.
Zhen is installing sensors in the lysimeter. Jose, Zhen, and Michelle experiencing a Texas tradition–the State Fair!
Working in the lab with members of the research group. Nate at Innovation Day 2019.
Kate’s talk at the CH4 Connections for Methane Emissions Conference, Sept 2019. Zhen looking very official with her UTA hat and I heart soil stickers at Forschungszentrum Jülich Germany where she worked on her research for the summer.
Dr.Smits standing with 2 girlsOctober 2018 research meeting site visit to Julich, Germany


girl working halfway in glass boxJune 2018 Bo setting up a new experiment at CU Boulder.
group of people standing on bridgeMay 2018 Research group field trip to wolf rescue center. group of people standing on hillsideResearch group hike at Golden Canyon State Park, August 2017.
group of people standing in front of buildingResearch group, May 2017.


group people standing around foodGroup get together 2017.
two people standing in hole in groundMelissa, Michelle, Shannon and Quentine constructing the METEC pipeline testbed, summer 2017. girl digging hole in ground for pipelineConstructing the METEC pipeline testbed, summer 2017.
man abd woman standing with a small globePhD student Ali Moradi receives the City of Golden Sustainability award (2016). group of people standing in forestResearch group hike.
Group of people standing infront of Coolbaugh Chemistry HallResearch group (Summer 2016). Shanru presenting at AGU.
Two guys standing infrontof Berkely National Laboratory signAli Moradi and Ben Wallen during a summer internship sponsored by the Sussman Foundation at LBNL. Two girls standing next to constructed wind tunnelKristen Hieata and Victoria Eagen next to their newly constructed wind tunnel/porous media experimental apparatus.
Group of people jumping in airCESEP research group November 2014.

Zhen is taking soil samples to get the gravimetrix water content on the rough surfaces.

Rosalie, Michelle, and Caitlin Cassisi (geographer) make their way to a small-scale gold mine in the Antioquia department, Colombia. Amazing Feasibility Studies on the Environmental Remediation of mine sites in Peru.
University of Medellin with graduate students Rosalie and Michelle and Prof. Tom Phelan from USAFA, 2019. University of Medellin, Colombia with Jessica, Oscar and graduate student Jose, 2019.
Guy holding a wooden piece


Group of people sitting in hole in ground
person sitting in middle of ground2018 – Experiments with graduate students and our colleagues from CSU Atmospheric Sciences at CSU’s METEC pipeline testbed site. People pitching a tent2017 – Undergrad and grad students constructing the METEC pipeline test bed at CSU.
group of people smiling for cameraSenior design Team Volkkar finishing up the wind tunnel traverse system. Group of people hiking Hiking Colorado 2013.
two people in a town's squareOrleans France for research meeting at BRGM. two people standing infront of mountain viewLes Diablerets Switzerland for the Gordon Research Conference 2012.
three people standing in front of cottage and greeneryLes Diablerets Switzerland for the Gordon Research Conference 2012. group of people standing on grassResearch group end of the summer get together – 2012.
group on back patio smiling Family and friends at our end of the semester barbecue (May 2012). research group standing and smiling Research group picture (March 2012).
laboratory cleaned up The CESEP/AMAX lab after a much needed “winter” cleaning (picture by Luke Shannon). Girl standing working on lab Liz sporting her “new” tie-dyed lab coat… definitely one way to hide the stains on a grungy coat!

METEC 2022 with Arvind and Richie.

Research group party for graduate students Zhen and Bo, summer 2020.