Settler’s impact on Indian and Mexican Worlds


This photo from Mexico depicts a group of men, presumably Mexican Revolutionaries, standing in a line. Each soldier is sporting a sombrero and holding a rifle, and all of the soldiers are covered in ammunition rounds all over their body. Not only do they stand there in a serious manner, but with a passion. Are they seeking liberty from the oppression brought to their country and land from colonialists? Perhaps, they are now taking action for the land that was once theirs; nothing but determination is shown on each face.



The photo from India captures the tombs of the early English settlers. The buried settlers are speculated to be Christopher Oxenden, Sir George Oxenden, first governor of Bombay, and Gerald Aungier, third Governor of Bombay. They are resting in what clearly is a gigantic tomb with spectacular early Indian architecture that almost resembles the Taj Mahal. What were the public views of these early settlers held by Indians during this time? Did they deserve to be buried in such a grand tomb?  This photo shows how wealth shifts very quickly to settlers from Indians as they set foot on their land.