construction of bengal nabber railwayPan_Am_Excursion_on_Metlac_bridge


The first photo is of the Bengal-Nagpur Railway construction.  It shows hundreds of Indian Workers walking to the area in which they are laying down railorad tracks.  They are carrying  supplies.  All of the workers appear to be skinny and underfed.  They are not wearing a lot of clothing, and any clothes they have on are not very nice.  It looks like they are wearing poorly-made rags.  The bridge these workers are walking across appears to be poorly built and dangerous.  The workers in this photo appear to be poor and low-class or caste.  The terrain these people are working on is rough.  It was dangerous building railroads and setting tracks on this land.

The second photo is of a moving train going over a brige near Mexico City.  It is called “Pan Am. Escursion on Metlac Broidge.”  This bridge is in Veracruz mexico.  On the side of the train, and on the bridge are some pasangers or train workers.  They look relativley well dressed.  Clearly, this railroad was not easy to build.  Building this bridge was probably dangerous and time consuming.  This looks like a pasanger train and not a cargo train.

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