My Skills

I like to think that I am skilled in theatre. I have relied typically on natural ability, though, not having many opportunities to expand upon these things. My school did not have the most affluent theatre department, and my chances to learn and grow were restricted to the productions put up there. Though you learn a little bit with each experience you have on the stage, I did not find myself to prosper really until this past summer. Faced with the opportunity to do six productions and help with the set, I began to foster my acting and creativity.

In addition to acting, I also have an incredible love for and somewhat of an inclination towards arranging acappella music for vocal groups. Though my theory knowledge is far from expert, I arranged two pieces this past year for my choir, one for a small ensemble and one for the entire Southlake Carroll Chorale, to perform at two separate concerts. I love listening to music and finding a way to make the original an entirely different but equally enjoyable piece.  I also love exploring making voices sound like different instruments.

There are several personality traits that I feel will help me in my career. I am driven, imaginative, persistent, and good at communicating with people. At the same time, I definitely need to work on my ability to change and adapt. I sometimes get locked into one way of thinking. It is absolutely essential to be malleable and to approach things with newfound creativity and different tactics.  I hope to improve on my creativity and different ways of viewing the world in my time at SMU.

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