I’m motivated by change. On a small scale: from the standpoint of waking up in the morning a little bit smarter, a little bit more skilled, and a little bit closer to my goals than I was the day before. On a larger scale: in examining that the art that I make and the products that I put together may potentially impact someone else or have long term effects. I’ve always said that if I can inspire one person, I’ll have done my job. That thought keeps me moving forward.

Sometimes, I find motivating myself to be very difficult. I can become an incredibly “here and now” oriented person and it’s oftentimes very difficult for me to examine things long-term. My focus tends to remain on the individuals I surround myself with, immediate approaching assignments, and things providing instant gratification. However, in establishing goals for myself both for the time being and looking ahead weeks and months at a time, I find that I am able to push myself to attempt more and in turn accomplish more.

It’s in my nature to become incredibly overwhelmed and shut down altogether. In these instances of high stress, I am unable to motivate myself to accomplish virtually anything. Part of succeeding has come from learning how to manage anxiety and, in turn, the skills essential to work hard during times when I have a significant number of things to do. In essence, I’m learning the balancing act necessary to prevent myself from getting stuck in my head and motivate myself to do.

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