My Values

I believe that everyone has a story.

That seems corny and clichéd, but everyone has some pivotal element of their past worth sharing. Whether it be good or bad, traumatizing or victorious, there is something to be said about the things a person has been through and what they’ve taken from it.

I believe that art is the most accessible way to illuminate these situations, provide hope, establish closure, and allow a person to come to terms with or celebrate these elements of the past. And I value the voice that art gives us. I value the way that it allows us to expose the gritty truth and find a commonality in both abstract and realistic ways. I value the story behind the art just as much as I value the product.

I am a huge proponent in the process to a final product. I place huge emphasis on the importance of approaching a goal correctly. The road to success is just as essential as the success itself, and I always strive to learn something from an experience. For me, it isn’t enough to emerge from a rehearsal process with merely a good show; I don’t feel that I’ve succeeded unless I’ve grown as a performer.

I value hopefulness above anything. That’s the most important quality a person can have. That doesn’t mean constantly looking for a silver lining or believing that everything will always turn out in your favor, but it does mean never giving up. Someone who is hopeful will be able to see beyond the darkness in any predicament and strive towards a better day. And someone who sees hope in their passion will be able to move others with their positivity and brightness. You can spot the people who are full of hope a mile away.

Having some optimism is necessary to be a successful artist. Being hopeful and believing you have a story to tell can’t ensure prosperity, but obtaining these qualities are definitely a step in the right direction.


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