About Me

I was born in Pittsburgh PA and grew up in northern New Jersey. Most of my childhood was spent in training to be a ballet dancer which I gave up at around age 15. In college I studied fiction writing and went to graduate school initially not to become a philosopher but rather hoping that getting a graduate degree in philosophy would make me into a more thoughtful writer. At some point along in the process I became interested in some philosophical problems for their own sake and the career followed, though I still consider my work to be a creative endeavor at least as much as an intellectual or academic one.

When I’m not trying to make sense of my experience through my work, I’m seeking to be inspired. Although I can find inspiration in almost anything, some of the sources of inspiration most dear to me include the natural world, exploring new places, adventure, people’s stories, experiences that challenge my sense of what is possible or how things should be, and remaining open to being affected by what life brings.