ILRA Awards

The International Law Review Association recognizes the outstanding performance of its members through the following annual awards.

Outstanding Editor Award

The Oustanding Editor Award is awarded to the first-year staff member who demonstrates:

  • a detailed understanding of the technical aspects of legal research and writing, especially with regard to the proper format for legal citations;
  • attention to detail and an exceptional skill in editing articles and checking article citations; and
  • extraordinary research skills in locating applicable source material.

Performance in these standards will be judged largely based upon the assessments of Article Editors and Associate Managing Editors in reviewing the performance of each Staff Editor on each cite check.

Quill & Torch Award

The Quill & Torch Award is awarded to the first-year staff member for outstanding legal research and scholarship in writing both the Case Note and Comment. It will be awarded to the staff member based upon a consideration of factors including:

  • the quality of the staff member’s writing;
  • the overall quality of the research and use of foreigh sources;
  • the technical quality in editing and legal citations;
  • and the quality of research and use of foreign sources.

Performance toward these standards will be judged largely based upon the assessments of the Case Note and Comment Editors in reviewing the submissions of first-year staff.

Hull-Kellogg Award for Oustanding Service

The Hull-Kellog Award is awarded to the graduating member of the International Law Review Association who has exhibited dedicated service to the advancement of the ILRA and its publications throughout his/her two years on staff. More specifically, the Hull-Kellogg Award should also be based on some combination of factors, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • consistently performing at a high level in all editing and writing assignments;
  • demonstrating marked improvement in technical editing and source verification;
  • offering new ideas and innovations for the improvement of ILRA and its publications;
  • demonstrating a willingess to take on additional assignments or responsibilities to support ILRA and its publications;
  • voluntarily assuming a leadership role and the added responsibilities it brings;
  • demonstrating a unique capacity for exploring issues of international law; and
  • demonstrating a willingness to lend support and guidance to upcoming and first-year staff members.