About the ILRA

The International Law Review Association (ILRA) is a student-run organization at the Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.  The ILRA and its staff are responsible for publishing quarterly issues of both The International Lawyer (TIL) and The Law and Business Review of the Americas (LBRA). Students take part in editing and preparing for publication the articles printed in our two journals. They also submit written works of their own, a number of which are published in both TIL and LBRA.  The ILRA is one of three law review organizations within the SMU Dedman School of Law, along with the SMU Law Review and the SMU Science & Technology Law Review.

Joining the ILRA

ILRA takes on forty to fifty new student editors each year. Students with high academic achievement, in the top 25% of their class, as well as those who demonstrate superb writing skills in the annual write-on competition are invited to join.  Information for the annual write-on competition is located on the SMU Law Review website.

ILRA Writing Competitions

ILRA staff members participate in the Case Note and Comment writing competitions during their first year of service within the organization.  The winning submissions are nominated by the Case Note Editors and Comment Editors, and ultimately selected by the ILRA Executive Board.  Along with the winning selection, finalists and semi-finalists are recognized as well.  Independently of these selections, submissions to both the Case Note writing competition and the Comment writing competition may be selected for publication in The International Lawyer or The Law and Business Review of the Americas.

Student Executive Board 2017-2018

ILRA President: Sarah Lehman

TIL Editor-in-Chief: Caitlin Wilkinson
TIL Managing Editor: Logan Weissler

LBRA Editor-in-Chief: Shem Vinton
LBRA Managing Editor: Kori Rady

Student Editorial Board 2017-2018

2017-2018 STUDENT EDITORIAL BOARD (Masthead)