The Year in Review

The Year in Review, previously included as an issue of The International Lawyer, is now its own annual publication of the American Bar Association’s Section of International Law. It has had a place as a prestigious ABA publication since 1966 and has called SMU Dedman School of Law its home since 1986.

The Year in Review, as its name suggests, is an annual survey of the law from around the world. On average, thirty to forty Committees of the ABA/SIL contribute to the publication and capture the germane legal developments, key pieces of legislation, and landmark decisions that help to shape the legal tapestry of their respective countries and areas of interest. Catering to the ABA/SIL membership and others, The YIR shares in the same readership as TIL, and is the most widely distributed U.S. international law survey in the world, enjoying subscriptions of approximately 22,000 readers in more than 90 countries. Submissions are made annually byCommittee Editors on behalf of their respective ABA/SIL Committees.

To help produce The Year in Review, SMU’s student editorial board works in conjunction with the professional editorial board chaired by the Editor-in-Chief, Marc I. Steinberg, Rupert and Lillian Radford Professor of Law, SMU Dedman School of Law. Beverly C. Duréus and Patricia S. Heard, also of the SMU Law School, serve as Co-Executive Editors and interface with the ABA/SIL section membership, and Patrick Del Duca, the Publications Officer for the section. Co-General Editors-in-Chief, Professors Jason Palmer and Brooke Bowman, both of the Stetson University College of Law, lead a team of deputy editors who are also an integral part of the editing process.


The Year in Review continues to be an online benefit of ABA/SIL membership. Members and nonmembers may obtain a print copy for $50 per copy (plus shipping and handling). To order, contact the ABA Service Center, P.O. Box 10892, Chicago, IL 60654-0892 [email: service@abanet.org; phone: (800) 285-2221]. Back issues, once available, can be found on HeinOnline [http://heinonline.org].
For more information on the journal and access to articles, visit the ABA Section of International Law at www/americanbar.org/intlaw.