The Lab in Action

Liz Thomas, sending off hair sampling kits for a DCII funded research project about food insecurity.
Niki Edwards taking a hair sample from Kara Griffin to practice hormone extraction.
Hair sampling for hormone analyses.
2mL tubes unable to withstand the rigors of sample reduction.
Kara Griffin, using a methanol based protocol to extract hormones from hair samples.
Snow, Kara Griffin’s most reliable research assistant.
Fat-tailed sheep, and their guard alpaca for jackal protection, Northern Cape, South Africa.
Southern African cattle
Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa.
Ann Horsburgh, sampling fat-tailed sheep in the Northern Cape, South Africa.
Gemsbok, some of the most glorious southern African bovids, on a fat-tailed sheep farm in Prieska, South Africa.
On the road to Prieska, in the Northern Cape, South Africa.
Sometimes conferences are held in the most wonderful places. The Dead Sea, Jordan.
Durban, South Africa.
Ann Horsburgh, slightly overexcited at meeting the Taung Child. Gauteng, South Africa.
Unpacking the new lab…
The new lab. Let the unpacking begin.