I am particularly interested in hearing from undergraduates interested in conducting research while at SMU. There are many funding opportunities available, some of which include salary and some of which include funds to cover research expenses. These include:

There are also many National Student Fellowships available, and SMU has a dedicated office to help you apply.

Below are the classes I teach routinely.

• ANTH 1321 – Anthropology: A Four-Field Approach
• ANTH 2302 – People of the Earth: The First Five Million Years
• ANTH 2381 – PaleoParents: The Evolution of Human Families
• ANTH 2382 – Human Nature: Who are we? And how did we get this way?
• ANTH 2415 – Human Evolution: Biological and Social Beginnings of Humankind
• ANTH 3307 – Introduction to Biological Anthropology
• ANTH 3308 – Evolutionary Approaches to Health and Disease
• ANTH 6372 – The Essentials in Biological Anthropology for Graduate Students