Class Schedule

Unit 1: Colonial America

January 19: Course Introduction

January 21: Old World Religions

January 26: *Las Casas; New Subject: Puritanism

January 28: No Class; READ John Demos, Unredeemed Captive, 1-139.

February 2: READ FOR CLASS John Demos, Unredeemed Captive, 140-252

February 4: READ FOR CLASS *“Virginia’s Cure”; New Subject: Alternate Foundations

February 9: New Subject: Religious Toleration

February 11: READ FOR CLASS: Kidd, God of Liberty, 1-95.

February 16: READ FOR CLASS: Kidd, God of Liberty, 97-208.

February 18: In-Class Midterm


Unit 2: “Religion” in Revolutionary America? Digital Research Project

February 23: Introduction to Readex and Zotero (Download Zotero before class)

February 25: Workshop 1: Defining the research question

March 1: Workshop 2: Finding our key words (15 Articles DUE BEFORE CLASS)

March 3: Research and Data Analysis (No Class)


March 15: Workshop: Refining Meta Data

March 17: Workshop: Building Context and Further Research Questions

March 22: Data Visualizations and Textual analysis

March 24: Workshop: Getting computers and visualizations to work!

March 29: Discussion: Morgan, Edmund. “Slavery and Freedom: The American Paradox.” Journal of American History 59, no. 1 (June 1972): 5–29.

March 31: Presentations – 2nd Draft of visualization and first draft of blog post due.


Unit 3: Religion in the United States

April 5: New Subject: Post Revolutionary America READ FOR CLASS Kidd, God of Liberty, 209-256.

April 7: (No Class) READ Pulley Hudson, Real Native Genius, 1-93.

April 12: READ FOR CLASS, Pulley Hudson, Real Native Genius, 94-176

April 14: New Subject: Immigration – Annette Gordon Reed Lecture – PM

FINAL BLOG AND VISUALIZATION DUE  (Please turn in electronically as a word document and one or more jpg images.  Your blog post MUST place your topic in the context of your secondary sources.)

April 19: READ FOR CLASS, *”Trusteeism”; *”Nativism”

April 21: New Subject: Christianity and Slavery

April 26: READ FOR CLASS, *”Pro-Slavery Mob”, *”John Rice”

April 28: READ FOR CLASS, *”Horace Bushnell” (Final Exam Question Distributed)

Final exam: Due via email Thursday, May 5 – 11:30 AM