Tandoori Chicken Tikka


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For my food project, I choose the dish Tandoori Chicken Tikka. I had never attempted an Indian recipe before, mainly because of the number of spices required. After researching many dishes, this recipe was something I thought both of my parents would love as well. 

The process was relatively simple. I began by fixing my marinade for the chicken, that way I could let it sit for a few hours before I would grill the chicken. The first step was the wet paste, I combined garlic, green chile, and ginger powder. In a separate bowl, I went ahead and combined greek yogurt with buckwheat flour. The recipe did ask for gram flour but I had to substitute with another flour. I then thoroughly mixed my wet paste with my yogurt flour mixture. Next was adding all of the spices to my mixture. I added paprika, chili powder, garam masala, and coriander powder. Then added a dash of cinnamon, salt, and pepper. After about 15 minutes my marinade was done. I then chopped around one pound of chicken breasts into one inch pieces, added it all in a plastic bag then shook it up. After letting it soak in the fridge to let the spices infuse with the chicken I was ready to grill. My mom is a master at grilling food so thank you for her assistance in this part of the process. Soon enough, the chicken was on the skewers and ready to eat. Along with the chicken, I fixed some jasmine rice, hummus, and a small side salad. The meal was a hit to my mom and dad and they love Indian food so they were impressed. 

The history of this dish is very interesting. Tandoori chicken, a dish that originated from Punjab before the independence partition of India. The small bite-size pieces of chicken were known as tikka. History would say that Babur, the founder of the Mughal dynasty,  was picky when eating chicken and that in order for there to be no bones in his food, he would request it to be cut into the small pieces. Of all places, this specific dish, for the inclusion of tikka would be coined in Glasgow. However, other theories suggest that the dish actually is an evolved version of butter chicken to the British empire. Tandoor is actually a way to cook meat. A tandoor was a clay pot used thousands of years ago to cook meat. Although, I did not have a clay pot, grilling the chicken would still give it that smokey flavor that would come for using a tandoor. 

In conclusion, this dish was something I would have never attempted if I did not have all of the spices. Thank you for being so generous in sending everyone all the spices, my mother said that she is going to be using them in more of her recipes now. Indian food has so many unique flavors and health benefits to the number of spices within their dishes.


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