Planetary Geology

My interest in planetary geology and geodynamics stems from research conducted with Vicki Hansen and Duncan Young while in undergrad at Southern Methodist Univ. My senior thesis project involved detailed geologic and structural analysis of the Diana-Dali Chasmata region on Venus, part of the USGS Geologic Investigation Series Atlas of Venus [Hansen and DeShon, 2002].  We predominately used synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data collected by the Magellan spacecraft to map corona, chasmata, fracture patterns, lava flows, craters, etc.  Using cross-cutting relationships, we were able to piece together a geologic history for plains formation in this region that suggests plains formation on Venus occurs through discrete volcanic processes working at local and regional, rather than global, scales [DeShon et al., 2000].  I have let my research in planetary geology fall by the wayside, but I maintain an strong interest in the subject.