This page contains links and information about things that I have found interesting on the internet. This list has been compiled during the course of my research, teaching or life in general. These are intended primarily as a bookmark for myself, and any passerby who finds them interesting or useful.


  • Eclipse with CPLEX
    • In project Settings/Include paths add:
      _path_to_cplex/include/ilcplex and any folder which holds source files.
    • In project Settings/Libraries Libraries (-l) add:
      ilocplex and cplex libraries.
    • In project Settings/Libraries Library search path (-L) add:
      _path_to_cplex/lib/platform_you_use/ (for example, on linux it is _path_to_cplex/x86-64_linux/static_pic
    • (Optional) In project Settings/Miscellaneous Other flags append -fPIC -fexceptions -m64
  •  Emacs
  • Git:
    • There are many, and this is my current favorite.
  • Latex quick tips:
    • Some pro-tips from Prof. Cole Smith (Clemson) can be found here.
    • How to change the default TEXMFHOME in Ubuntu?
      • Create a file changedtexmf.cnf in /etc/texmf/texmf.d and add the line TEXMFHOME = _path_to_new_texmfhome_
      • Generate the new texmf.cnf file by invoking the command: sudo update-texmf.
    • Chapter specific bibliographies using natbib and chapterbib:
      • Include a \bibliography{bib_fname} in each chapter specific tex file.
      • Compile as (a) pdflatex on main tex file (b)  bibtex Chapter.1..n (c) pdflatex on main tex file (d) pdflatex on main tex file.