Gillian Rae Perry grew up in a small town south of Dallas, Texas. As a child, Perry enjoyed coming up with new tunes as she wandered open fields outside of her rural house. Even as a young adult, Perry finds inspiration from her experiences growing up in the country. Perry studied abroad in Paris with the European American Musical Alliance during the summer of 2016. During her time in Paris, she studied harmony, counterpoint, musicianship, and composition, all of which greatly influenced her process as a composer. Her time in Paris reinforced her belief that intentionality is one of the most important aspects of composition. In other words, each note must be placed with a purpose. Perry recently graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in both music composition and film and is greatly influenced by art forms outside of music – such as film, dance, and theatre. Perry will continue her study of music composition as a graduate student at the California Institute of the Arts in the fall of 2017.

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