Doctoral Students

I advise students in the OREM department’s doctoral programs: the Doctor of Philosophy in Operations Research (PhDOR) and Doctor of Engineering in Engineering Management (DEEM). I have also advised students in the Doctor of Philosophy in Systems Engineering (PhdSE) program.

Current Students

Student Degree Dissertation Title
Adreana Julander PhDOR TBD
Pete Furseth PhDOR TBD


Student Degree Dissertation Title
Yulan Bai PhDOR 2022 Compact Formulation of Multicommodity Network Flows With Applications to the Backhaul Profit Maximization Problem and Fixed Charge Network Flow Problem
Adam Colley PhDOR 2022 Heuristics for Capacity Allocation and Queue Assignment in Congested Service Systems With Stochastic Customer Demand and Immobile Servers
Zhou (Jeremy) Chen DEEM 2022 Optimization of Commute Time and Competition in Sports League Design  
Laura Vu DEEM 2022 Value-Oriented Business Process Management: Using a Process Re-engineering Approach to Identify Productivity Improvement Requirements and Justify Strategic Capital Investment
Justin Brown PhDSE 2021 A Methodology for Reliability-Based Selection of System Of Systems
Colin Wasiloff DEEM 2018 Maximizing Financial Benefit of Lean Six Sigma Through Optimized Selection
Erik Loen DEEM 2017 Private, Public, Or Hybrid: An AHP Model For Infrastructure-As-A-Service
(IaaS) Cloud Strategy Selection For Enterprises And Software Development Organizations
Yuanyuan Dong PhDOR 2015 The Stochastic Inventory Routing Problem
Omotayo Olabumuyi DEEM 2015 Application of Optimization Methods to Bachelor’s Degree Planning
Razan Kattoa DEEM 2015 Inventory Cost Reduction with Improved Demand Estimation Using the tBISA
Laith Abu Hilal DEEM 2014 Decision Support Tools For Supply Chain Optimization In The Supermarket
Derreck Holian DEEM 2014 Optimization Models for Flight Test Scheduling
Brandon Ha PhDOR 2013 Renewable Energy Integration for Hybrid Power Systems: Analysis and
Optimization Algorithms
Christopher Davis DEEM 2012 Comparison Of The Analytic Hierarchy Process And Incomplete Analytic Hierarchy
Process For Identifying Customer Preferences In The Texas Retail Energy Provider
Asad Ata PhDOR 2011 Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Flexible Manufacturing Capacity
Assignment For New Product Introductions
Levent Kaan PhDOR 2011 The Vanpool Assignment Problem: Analysis and Optimization
Rick James DEEM 2011 Strategic Outsourcing for Manufacturing Firms
Tauhid Rahman DEEM 2008 Improving Telecommunications Network Throughput By Incremental Demand
Gerard Ibarra PhDSE 2007 A Systems Engineering Approach to a Method and Mathematical Model
for Identifying the Most Critical Links of Highway Systems
Nanthi Suthikarnnarunai DEEM 2007 Improving Transportation Service for the University of The Thai Chamber of
Commerce (UTCC)
Charles C. Stein DEEM 2004 An Analytic Hierarchy Process Methodology to Combine Multiple Preferences
with Data Normalization Effects in a Data Envelopment Analysis Model