Publications coming down the road:

Meltzer, D.J., Across the Continental Divide. In Current perspectives on stemmed and fluted technologies in the American Far West, K. McDonough, R. Rosencrance, and J. Pratt, editors. University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City.

What’s already out – some recent & selected publications (where the number of authors exceeds ten – typically, the ancient DNA papers in which I am involved – only the first five are listed. For most of those papers I am one of the senior/corresponding  authors):

2024 Eren, M.I. and D.J. Meltzer, Controls, conceits, and aiming for robust inferences in experimental archaeology. Journal of Archaeological Sciences Reports [pdf]

2024 Eren, M. et al., Experimental bison butchery using replica hafted Clovis fluted points and large handheld flakes. Journal of Archaeological Sciences Reports

2024 Meltzer, D.J. and V.T. Holliday, Folsom site, New Mexico. In Encyclopedia of Geoarchaeology 2, A.S. Gilbert, P. Goldberg, R.D. Mandel and V. Aldeias, editors. Springer Nature, Heidelberg, Germany.

2024 Mukusha, L. et al., Hit or miss: Do microscopic linear impact traces (MLITs) form on Clovis stone tips launched via atlatl into foliage and sediment? Journal of Archaeological Sciences Reports

2023 Mead, J.I., S. Emslie, and D.J. Meltzer, Late Pleistocene herptofaunas from two high-elevation caves in the Upper Gunnison Basin, Colorado. Western North American Naturalist 83:413-426.

2023 Meltzer, D.J., The origins, antiquity and dispersal of the first Americans. In The Human Past, C. Scarre, editor, Fifth edition, pp. 129-153. Thames and Hudson, London

2023 Slade, A. and D.J. Meltzer, Texas Clovis Fluted Point Survey, 4th Update: further insights into the Early Paleoindian occupation of Texas. Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society 94:1-22

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2022 Cannon, M.D. and D.J. Meltzer, Forager mobility, landscape learning and the peopling of Late Pleistocene North America. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 65 101398 [pdf]

2022 Eren, M.I., D.J. Meltzer, B. Story, B. Buchanan, D. Yeager, and M. Bebber, Not just for proboscidean hunting: On the efficacy and functions of Clovis fluted points. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 45 103601 [pdf]

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2022 Meltzer, D.J., B.G. Redmond and M.I. Eren, Were there Paleoindian-age structures at the Paleo Crossing site? Journal of Field Archaeology 47:1-12. [pdf]

2022 Wang, Y., A. Prohaska, H. Dong, A. Alberti, I. Alsos et al. Reply to: ‘When did mammoths go extinct?’ Nature 612:E4-E6 [pdf]

2021 Andrews, B.N., D.J. Meltzer and M. Stiger, The Mountaineer site: a Folsom winter camp in the Rockies. University Press of Colorado, Louisville, CO.

2021 Boulanger, M., R.J. Patten, Eren, M.I., M.R. Bebber, G.L. Miller, B. Buchanan, B.N. Andrews, and D.J. Meltzer, Antelope Springs: a Folsom site in South Park, Colorado. PaleoAmerica 7:114-132 [pdf]

2021 Eren, M.I., D.J. Meltzer & B.N. Andrews, Clovis technology is not unique to Clovis. PaleoAmerica [pdf]

2021 Eren, M.I., D.J. Meltzer, B. Story, B. Buchanan, D. Yeager, and M. Bebber, On the efficacy of Clovis points for hunting proboscideans. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports [pdf]

2021 Eren, M.I., M. Bebber, A. Mika, K. Flood et al. The Nelson stone tool cache, north-Central Ohio, U.S.A.: Assessing its cultural affiliation. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 37

2021 Grayson, D.K., D.J. Meltzer & R. Breslawski, Overkill and the North American archaeological record – not guilty by association? A comment on Wolfe and Broughton. Journal of Archaeological Science [pdf]

2021 Meltzer, D.J., First peoples in a new world: populating Ice Age America. Second edition. Cambridge University Press, New York.

2021 Perri, A.R., T.R. Feuerborn, L. Frantz, G. Larson, R.S. Malhi, D.J. Meltzer and K.E. Witt, Dog domestication and the dual dispersal of people and dogs into the Americas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 118 no. 6 e2010083118 [pdf]

2021 Wang, Y., M. Pedersen, I. Alsos, B. de Sanctis, F. Racimo et al. Late Quaternary dynamics of Arctic biota from ancient environmental genomics. Nature 600:86-92.

2021 Willerslev, E. and D.J. Meltzer, Peopling of the Americas as inferred from ancient genomics. Nature 594:356-364.[pdf]

2020 Meltzer, D.J. Overkill, glacial history, and the extinction of North America’s Ice Age megafauna. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117:28555–28563 [pdf]

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2018 Moreno-Mayar, J.V., B.A. Potter, L. Vinner, M. Steinrücken, S. Rasmussen, et al., Terminal Pleistocene Alaskan genome reveals first founding population of Native Americans. Nature 553:203-207. [pdf]

2017 Braje, T.J., T.D. Dillehay, J.M. Erlandson, S.M. Fitzpatrick, D.K. Grayson, V.T. Holliday, R.L. Kelly, R. Klein, D.J. Meltzer & T.C. Rick, Were hominins in California ~130,000 years ago? PaleoAmerica 3:200-202. [pdf]

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2001 Meltzer, D.J., L.C. Todd and V.T. Holliday, The Folsom (Paleoindian) type site: past investigations, current studies. American Antiquity 67:5-36

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