Principal Investigator

My name is Dario Villarreal and I received my B.Eng. degree (2012) in Mechatronics engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Saltillo and PhD (2017) degree in Biomedical engineering from The University of Texas at Dallas. I am an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering department and Director of the NeuroMechatronics Lab at the Southern Methodist University. My research aims to bridge the gap between current robotic and exoskeleton technologies and the human neuromuscular system. Please find my CV here.





Undergraduate Students

Ophelie Herve: Mechanical Engineering (Engaged Learning Fellow)

Luke Mauldin: Electrical Engineering

Ian McManus: Mechanical Engineering

Sachi Sarwal: Electrical Engineering

Perrin Griffin: Mechanical Engineering

Ashmi Patel: Mechanical Engineering (Engaged Learning Fellow)

Matt Blake: Electrical Engineering (Engaged Learning Fellow)

Daniel de la Rosa: Electrical Engineering