Senior Design Projects

Fall 17


Dream Team Plus One

Portable Lower Limb Sensing Research Platform

The following research endeavor proposes the creation of a mobile or wearable system to solve the problems researchers encounter in this traditional lab setup. Such a system would be cheaper, provide additional flexibility for the experiment’s subject, and provide data that is more reflective of natural locomotion patterns. The objective of this research is to produce a portable lower-limb sensing system that measures both the kinematic and kinetic behavior of human locomotion. The final product will measure the joint angles and the joint torques found at the hip, knee, and ankle, the ground reaction forces, and the electrical activation of the muscles that span the length of the leg (utilizing electromyography). Successful realization of this project will prove to be useful to researchers in the field of biomedical engineering who are pursuing further understanding of human locomotion. This has the potential of revolutionizing the way human motion is studied by removing many limitations that confine such study to be performed in a laboratory setting. By designing the system to be portable, the hope is to be able to acquire more realistic data regarding human locomotion that provides insight into everyday movement.


Luke Mauldin: Electrical Lead

Ian McManus: Technical Lead

Ophelie Herve: Biomedical Lead and Project Manager


Portable Research Platform to Investigate Environmental and Brain Measurements

A research platform that uses sensors, cameras, and an EEG cap to measure the surroundings as seen from a human’s perspective in real time; Future applications including gait analysis, navigating with humanoid robots, and controlling lower-limb exoskeletons.


Perrin Griffin: Team Leader, Biomedical Components Specialist

Ashmi Patel: Mechanical Engineering Lead, Biomedical Components Specialist

Matt Blake: Electrical Engineering Lead

Daniel de la Rosa: Signal Processing Specialist

Sachi Sarwal: Microcontroller and Coding Specialist


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