Going Independent

So, after some time, I decided I should break from the current label to which I was signed. I wasn’t signed for very long.


To me, it just wasn’t worth it.

I know a lot of people say that music isn’t all about the money. That may be true. But one part of being signed to a label is acquiring even a little bit of income to go towards producing more and better music. I wasn’t selling anymore music than I was when I ws independent, and any sales would have had 50% going to the label.

There’s an interview of the rapper, Hopsin, that I watched, and he talked about being signed to a label for awhile and then realizing that one does not need to be signed to a label when one can BECOME the label.

I am inspired to just do my own thing. I want the rights to my own music. I want to control when I release my own tracks. I want to feel inspired by a song and remix what I want, when I want.  I want to make my own album art and be satisfied with it, without the need to get approval every step of the way.

I don’t need to worry about promoting 10 other artists when I barely have the time to promote myself. Balancing work, school, rehearsals and a relationship gives me a limited amount of time for music. I know I sound selfish, but at this stage in my career, I have to do everything I can to advance myself.  Maybe one day when I am more settled into a career, I will be a better asset to a label, but right now, I am not ready. I know what I must do, and that is create, promote, repeat. You just gotta keep moving.

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