Monthly Archives: February 2014

Smoked Out Saturdaze Feb. 8 @ 365 Hookah Lounge

There’s a new hookah lounge that just opened in Garland, TX.  The place doesn’t look like much from the front, but it’s easy to find by the bright, color-changing strip lights in the windows and the big, colorful sign that reads “365 Hookah Lounge”. The inside is very nice. It’s decorative, yet spacious enough to dance. There’s plenty of sitting space including couches and chairs with tables and some TVs to watch while you chill and smoke. Probably the best part is the hookah, which starts at only $11.99, compared to other places that charge upwards of 15 dollars. As a DJ, the other best part to me is brand new sound system, which consists of 2 massive PA speakers and a big-ass floor sub. It’s a compact setup, but it puts out a lot of power.

It’s a place worthy of coming to again and again. On Febuary 8th (this upcoming Saturday), I’ll be bringing the bass for all who come out to chill. Swing by and show some support to these guys who run the place. They’re really laid-back, and they keep a chill, drama-free environment. It’s usually a low-key place, but we’re trying to make this a weekly event for people to come chill and dance to some good electronic music, so come out and show us some love.

If you like genres of dance music not normally heard in most clubs, then you’ll like the atmosphere.  One one hand, I’m bringing some super spacy chillwave, and on the other hand, a heaping load of hardstyle and hard trance. Expect some deep house and old school dubstep and breaks as well.

You can RSVP here: