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I have entered a hardstyle mix in the mix competition to be a headliner at the Breakaway Music Festival at FC Dallas Stadium. If I win, then I can represent SMU and the harder styles of dance music on the MAIN STAGE! However, the only way for this to happen is for YOU to vote for my mix. The contest ends September 13th! Time is of the essence! VOTE NOW for great justice, for freedom, for hardstyle music, and for AMERICA!!

Click the link below to vote:

DJ Neenyo – SMU Hard Dance

I’d like to first say that I am extremely thrilled about my first year at SMU. My name is Jace Covington, aka DJ Neenyo. I am very excited about bringing a piece of the hard dance community to SMU.

I am a DJ/ producer with 2 years experience DJing at clubs, raves, house parties, school dances, corporate events, hoedowns, hootenannies, shindigs, and just about any other type of event where partying occurs.

I can play any kind of music to cater to a specific crowd or event. I have played everything from classic rock and oldies to funk and disco, to dance and techno music, to ghetto booty-shakin’ rap music. However, my favorite genre, the only one I hold near and dear to my heart, is hard dance.

For those of you asking, “what the fudgenuggets is hard dance?”, I will be happy to enlighten you. Hard dance is a genre of electronic dance music characterized by extremely hard bass, raw kicks, frequently, dark, aggressive basslines and melodies, and tempos ranging from 140-150 BPM. It is intense, face-melting, balls-to-the-wall rave music. It is also the style of dance music which I love playing the most.

And then there’s hardstyle, the subgenre of hard dance that takes every characteristic listed above and ZAPS IT WITH A GIANT ATOMIC GAMMA RAY UNTIL YOU A HAVE A RAGING RADIOACTIVE INCREDIBLE HULK OF MUSIC THAT SMASHES WALLS AND THROWS CARS HHERWE;LKJSDLSKJAGLKJGDLS!1!!!!!!one!!1!eleven!!!!11!!

See below:


Welcome to my world. My mission is to spread the love of hard dance and to help the already-growing underground community of hard dance lovers grow and thrive, particularly at SMU. I want people to know that there is much more dance music out there beyond the narrow, restrictive boundaries of commercial radio, and that the mass-produced garbage that is played in clubs nowadays does NOT represent the best of the best of electronic music.

Hard dance lovers are not just a community, but a global family of individuals who share the same passion for a particular style of music. We live by the motto that every true raver lives by:

PLURR = Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility

Not only do we love the music, but we believe in loving and appreciating each other. PLURR is not just a motto, but a lifestyle, and if more people adopted it this world would be a much better place.

I want to bring people together with my music.

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