About Dr. Das


Anindita (Dia) Das obtained her Ph.D. with Prof. Rongchao Jin at Carnegie Mellon University, where her research focused on the synthesis and single-crystal growth of atomically precise gold nanoparticles to gain in-depth understanding of catalytic mechanisms. Prior to this, she earned B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees at Osmania University, India and the University of Pune, India respectively. Following her PhD., Dia carried out postdoctoral research with Prof. Chad Mirkin at Northwestern University, where her work centered on the development of spherical nucleic acids based on atomically precise gold nanoclusters for applications in colloidal crystal engineering and biology. In 2020, Dia started her independent lab in the Chemistry Department at Southern Methodist University.



Email: aninditad@smu.edu

Mailing Address:

3215 Daniel Avenue Rm 231

Dallas TX 75275

Office: Fondren Science Bldg. Rm 141


Interested undergraduate/graduate students and postdoctoral candidates can directly email Prof. Das with a current curriculum vitae to learn about possible research opportunities.