The Das Research Group focuses on developing multifunctional nanomaterials with atomic precision to address fundamental scientific challenges in areas like sustainable energy and human health. Since the advent of nanotechnology in the mid-1980s, metal and semi-conductor nanoparticles have attracted tremendous interest due to their unique properties which make them suitable for diverse applications. However, the inherent structural inhomogeneity associated with conventional nanoparticles has precluded an atomic-level understanding of their structure-property relationships (e.g., exact catalytic, and biological mechanisms).

In our lab, we apply the principles of synthetic inorganic chemistry to create highly precise structures at the nanometer scale and use modern tools of nanoscience to accurately predict and define their properties. In particular, we focus on coinage metal clusters and study their interactions with other kinds of atomically precise materials such as MOFs and COFs to design multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials for applications in catalysis and biology. As a result, our group brings together researchers from different backgrounds to foster multidisciplinary interactions and provides unique opportunities for students to develop wide-ranging skills in inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, and chemical biology.