New charcoal methods paper published

Contrasting reflectances of charcoal from the 2013 Thompson Ridge Fire. Width of frame ~1mm. Photomicrograph by A. Scott.

I have a new paper out today in the International Journal of WIldland Fire. This paper was a collaboration with geologist Andrew Scott from Royal Holloway University, in which we compare charcoal reflectance between samples from crown and surface fire contexts in northern New Mexico.

Our analysis indicates that charcoal produced by surface fires is statistically distinguishable from charcoal produced by crown fires. This is an important methodological development, as it suggests that reflectance of stratified soil and sedimentary charcoal may be used to infer changes in fire severity over time. 

You can find the article at the journal here or on my publications page.

Roos, Christopher I. and Andrew C. Scott
2018    A Comparison of Charcoal Reflectance between Crown and Surface Fire Contexts in Dry Southwest US Forests.International Journal of Wildland Fire 27:396-406. [PDF] [LINK]

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