SMU SuperCDMS Research Group Members

Professor Jodi Cooley, Dr. Rob Calkins, Josephine Kimbrough, Mike Litke, Taylor Wallace, Alex Stidham, Ishwita Saikia, and Jasmine Liu (from remote)

Who We Are

Assistant Research Professor Rob Calkins
Graduate Research Assistant Ishwita Saikia
Graduate Research Assistant Jasmine Liu
Graduate Research Assistant Mike Litke
Undergraduate Research Assistant Faith Fang
Undergraduate Research Assistant
Joshua Ange

Photo Gallery

The main focus of our research is background characterization and data analysis for the SuperCDMS dark matter experiment. We have a few projects that compliment our dark matter research involving the study of how radon plates out (or “sticks”) to surfaces. Radon is one of the key background contaminants for dark matter and neutrinoless double beta decay experiments.

Measurements of Alpha Activity of Plastics
Josephine and Rob make electrostatic baseline measurements of an acrylic sample before measuring its alpha emmissivity.

Environmental Effects on Radon Plateout
Taylor prepares to make a measurement of the effect airflow has on radon plateout onto Copper.

Discussions and Debates
The group discusses on going physics analyses during a lab meeting.

Theories and Analysis
Ishwita works out a problem at the whiteboard.

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