ANTH 2301:  Introductory Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 3354:  Peoples of Latin America

ANTH 3355:  Peoples of Europe (now Society and Culture in Contemporary


ANTH 3366:  Myth, Magic, and Religion Across Cultures; cross-listed with           RELI 3366

ANTH 4366:  Contemporary Theory; cross-listed with 6312 (now ANTH 5335, History of Anthropology, Part II)

ANTH 5357:  Comparative Peasant Societies

ANTH 3333/CFA 3316:   The Immigrant Experience

CORE 1331 (later CF 2331): Roots of Society (team-taught)

WS 1331:      Women: Images and Perspectives

ANTH/CFB 310: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

CF 3367/KNW 3367: The Greater Dallas Experience


ANTH 5335: History of Anthropology, Part II (and Lectures in 5334, History of Anthropology, Part I

ANTH 6312:  Contemporary Theory; cross-listed with 4366 (now 5335)

ANTH 6304:  Migration, Ethnicity and Nationalism

ANTH 6320:  Regional Ethnography

ANTH 7341:  Current Literature

ANTH 7342:  Social Organization

ANTH 7351:  Research Strategies

Master of Liberal Studies

BHSC 6361:   Women and Men: Gender, Biology and Culture

BHSC 6363: The Immigrant Experience