“Every artist was first an amateur.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

skillsSkills. Skills. Skills. I always find that, in describing myself, pointing out personal skills always seems problematic. It isn’t that I believe I don’t have any skills, it’s that brief moment before you speak when you realize you don’t pay too much attention to the things you do well, but rather the things that need improvement. I suppose that, in itself, is a great skill to have- realizing when you aren’t the best at things. Apart from that, I’d say I am great at seeing things from everyone’s perspective which comes in handy not only in acting, but also in the business aspect of a career. When selling things you must know how certain people will react to certain items, will they like it, will they not? I have patience, which is always a virtue. I feel that acting on impulse always end badly, not saying that I NEVER do it, just that it usually ends badly when I do. I tend to always have a positive attitude, even when the going gets touch,  which really plays well for me in negative situations. I always believe that negative energy affects the way people think.

J Job skills that I think/ would want to attain. I am a perfectionist and, living in a world that is everything but perfect, it can be quite a challenge for me. Not only that, but what’s perfect to me may not be perfect to everyone else so I’d like to be able to accept the quality of my work without feeling doubtful or self conscious about my work.

Rough Draft Elevator Pitch

elevator_pitch2  Hi. My name is Amanda De La Cruz and I am a Theater Studies major which, in simple terms, just means that I’m an actress who wants to direct as well. I’ve been acting, technically speaking, since the 9th grade. However, I believe that someone born with a passion so strong that it becomes a dream catches themselves engulfed in their passion in what they do everyday: walking, talking, eating. I became an entertainer for two reasons: 1. The ability that an artist has over me, to change my life, my perspective, to move me through that art, that’s what I value. 2. The immediate desire to do that for someone else, that’s my motivation. I’m not saying that I’m capable of affecting someone in such a strong way right now, but so long as the possibility is out there, I’m going to keep trying to achieve it.