Current Students

Song Chen and Dan Brauss

Song Chen and Dan Brauss


Mohammad Akanda, Dan Brauss, Song Chen, and Feng Bao

Ph.D. Students

  1. Mohammad H. Akanda (with Y. Cao, co-advisor)
  2. Bertran Sedar Ngoma Koumba (with D. Glotov, co-advisor)


Former Students

Ph.D. Stundents

  1. Maria Charina-Kehrein (2002) – A MHD Free Boundary Value Problem (currently at TU Dortmund, Germany)
  2. Necibe Tuncer (2007) – A Novel Finite Element Discretization of Domains with Spheroidal Geometry (currently at the University of Tulsa)
  3. Chadia Affane Aji (2007) – Poroelasticity (currently at Tuskegee University)
  4. Kang Jin (2008) – On the Lattice Boltzmann Method: Implementation and Applications (currently Quantitative Finance Analyst at Bank of America)
  5. Song Chen (2013; with Y. Cao, co-advisor) Analysis and Finite Element Approximation for Nonlinear Problems in Poroelasticity and Bioconvection (currently at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse)
  6. Keith (Dan) D. Brauss An Implementation of the Finite Element Method for the Velocity-Current Magnetohydrodynamics Equations
  7. Feng Bao (with Y. Cao, co-advisor) Ecient Numerical Algorithms for Solving Nonlinear Filtering Problems

M.S. Students

  1. Zheng Zhang (1992) – Approximate Solutions of the Laplace-Beltrami Equation on a Sphere
  2. Kelly Sweetingham (2004) – Numerical Approximation of Solutions of a Tricomi-Type Equation
  3. Kang Jin (2005) – The Lattice Gas Model and Lattice Boltzmann Model on Hexagonal Grids
  4. Mosavverul Hassan (2009) – Constructing Cubic Splines on the Sphere

M.A.M (Masters in Applied Mathematics) Students

  1. Can Demirkaya (1995) – A Finite Element Stokes Solver
  2. Florentina Simionescu (2005) – Optimal Control of a Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
  3. Srivamsi K. Patchipulusu (2005) – Numerical Solution of the Navier-Stokes Equations Using the Fractional Step Projection Method
  4. Pradeep Sharma (2005) – Numerical Solution of Fractional Diffusion Equations
  5. Ziyuan Mi (2009) – Mathematical Modeling of the Chronoamperometric Response of Microelectrodes

Undergraduate Students

  1. Allison E. Ford (2001) – A Mathematical Model and Analysis of the Motion of Two Rotors with Charged Spokes Spinning in Proximity (Honors Thesis)