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About People.SMU

Faculty, staff, students, and some student organizations are eligible to receive server space on to host individual websites. These websites utilize the WordPress software making it quick and easy to build and customize your website.

Each student is eligible for one personal site on Faculty members can have one personal site and multiple additional sites to facilitate academic, teaching, or research needs.

Getting Started is a self-provisioned site. The procedure for getting started on depends on whether this is an individual site or an organization site.

For an individual site:

  1. Go to and login with your SMU ID and password when prompted.
  2. If this is the first login to, a user account is automatically created when you log in successfully for the first time.

Your new site should be in the format

For an organization site:

  1. Requests for the creation of an organization site must come from a faculty member or the staff member in charge of administering the site
  2. Submit a request through the Help Desk at with the name of the site and the name and email address of the faculty member or staff who will be the site’s administrator. The site administrator must first be a registered user by following the steps above for the creation of an individual site if they have not previously done so. 
  3. Optionally, the names and SMU ID#s of the students who will also be part of the site can be submitted as part of the same request. However, it is necessary for each of the others to also be a registered user of in order for this to work; therefore, they should first follow the steps above for an individual site if they have not previously done so. It is not necessary, if they do not desire it, to maintain the newly created site; just that they are registered as a logged in user.
  4. The site will be created in OIT and then turned over to the administrator for editing.

WordPress Themes

A number of WordPress Themes or templates are approved for use on the server. Go to the dashboard of your site to change templates and customize your site as needed. If you would like to request a theme to be added, please contact the IT Help Desk.

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