Blog 2: Study Habits

Hello again! For our second mandated blog post, we have been assigned to reflect on our own study habits and skills as a student and as a musician. It would be easy to sit here and type what I think my study habits areĀ supposed to be. “Yes, I color coordinate all of my classes, and set aside designated study hours that I strictly follow every week.” But that would be pointless to type, and frankly pretty boring to read. So here is a reflection of my real study habits, and how I motivate myself.

Let me be the first to say that I am incredibly unorganized when I study. My desk always looks like it just (barely) survived a tornado. But I find that when I try to keep my space organized, I feel some sort of constraint and it actually ends up distracting me. But while my physical surroundings look incredibly unorganized, my schedule is the complete opposite. Going into a new week, I know exactly which chunks of my time will be spent rehearsing, studying, relaxing, and sleeping. I get the most out of a rehearsal when I set a goal to work for a specific time, rather than to achieve a goal. My time management is what keeps me sane, and helps me keep stress at a relatively low level.

Now when it comes to the actual study time I allot myself, I tend to have trouble when it comes to staying motivated for long periods of time. I’m primarily speaking to the work that doesn’t really interest me, although I won’t sit hear and say I am distraction free during rehearsals. Lately I have found my best motivation by giving myself very small goals that I can easily finish. For example I might say, when I finish this chapter of reading, I can watch 15 minutes of Netflix. I’ve become so much more successful after admitting to myself that I am just not a multi-tasker. Reading an online article with Facebook pulled up beside it, probably ends up wasting more time than actually being productive.

I’m happy to report that this semester I feel like I have adopted some successful study habits (cross your fingers that these last!).

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time,

Whitney Hewlett

Whitney Hewlett

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