Elevator Pitch

Should I ever be lucky enough to find myself in a situation with a potential investor or partner, this is my tentative self-marketing strategy; my “elevator pitch”.

Hi, I’m Trevor Meagher, and I want to save the American identity. The reason American orchestras are struggling isn’t the economy; it’s the culture. We’re losing ourselves as a people because we’ve neglected our art. We need to cultivate a love of music with people; to show them that this isn’t stale or outdated; it’s a beautiful, GROWING world. The way to truly connect with an audience isn’t advertising or gimmicks, it’s through the heartfelt honesty of performers themselves. We need to use every ounce of our energy and passion to forge a path into our audiences’ hearts, to share our music and ourselves. An artist bears the privilege of stewarding humanity’s souls. I can do that; I can be such a steward. Here’s my card.


About Trevor Meagher

I was born and raised in the D/FW area of North Texas, attending school in the Birdville Independent School District from second grade onwards. While growing up and gaining my education, I participated in numerous activities, ranging from hobbies like my stint as an amateur fencer to more career-oriented goals, including my inclusion in organizations like several All-State Bands and, most importantly, the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra. Currently, I study trombone performance with professor John Kitzman at Southern Methodist University. To me, art, passion, and a love of life and all the good and bad it brings are essential to not only surviving, but LIVING.
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  1. sarah says:

    wow this was my fav pitch ive read…..so good!!!!!

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