Sisters Supporting Sisters

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About Us

Sisters Supporting Sisters is an organization especially designed for the encouragement and advancement of minority women on campus. Through intelligent discussions and events, we aim to unite young women, and destroy barriers that typically divide us. Secondly, SSS aims to promote minority women on campus, acting as a liaison to other SMU organizations.

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Upcoming Events

General Meetings

Every Friday at 5pm in the Hughes-Trigg Atriums

Past Events: BME
SSS Week

The always exciting BME SSS Week is here...beginning on Sunday, October 5, 2008 and ending on Friday, October 10, 2008...The tentative schedule is as follows...

Sunday - Fellowship at Saintsville Sanctuary COGIC
We will be carpooling from the flagpole and leaving at 10:45am, so please arrive at 10:30am

Monday - BME vs. SSS Debate Night
7pm @ Forum at HTSC (directly following ABS meeting)
Put the gloves on for this no holds barred debate on relationships and why men/women do what they do...always a fun topic

Tuesday - Sadie Hawkins Movie Night
7pm in Atriums CD in HTSC
The lovely ladies of SSS are hosting a movie night for the good guys of BME...

Wednesday - Black Wednesday
1pm at the Flagpole
Both organizations will be hosting the Black Wednesday celebration for this week...

Thursday - BME SSS Game Night
7pm in Ballrooms East Central at HTSC
We will be having our always crunk game night...Dominoes, Spades, Uno, Monopoly, Madden, Wii, we'll have it all!!! Snacks and drinks will be provided

Friday - BME vs. SSS Cook-off
7pm in The Varsity at HTSC
We're going to see if the myth that men can't cook is true...we will have a cook-off with several similar dishes between the men and women and our judges will tell the truth! Come out for music, fun, and FREE food! A great way to start FALL BREAK!

Join our Facebook group to get updates!