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Mission Statement
Our purpose is threefold: social, educational, and political. Our primary goal is to foster an environment where all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, can speak openly about their concerns and help partake in the stand for equality for the LGBT community. Spectrum's other goals are to educate, advocate, and support the issues and concerns of the LGBT community.


Spectrum was originally chartered and recognized by Southern Methodist University's Student Senate in 1991. (The History of SMU's LGBT organization is a work in progress. A wonderful collection of relevant news articles is available in the DeGoyler Archives and Fondren Library).


SMU's Spectrum works to educate the SMU community about issues relevant to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals through literature, films, speakers, panel discussions, and demonstrations.


Spectrum engages in both on-campus and community advocacy on issues of concern to the organization. In particular, Spectrum helps members of the SMU community who believe that they have been harassed because of their sexuality. Spectrum can advise you concerning the appropriate steps to take which may be taken to discipline those responsible and prevent further harassment. Please contact us.


Spectrum fosters support among our members. Meetings, activities, and programs allow students to discuss issues and problems that affect them. Becoming comfortable with one's sexuality or one's gender identity can be
a difficult process, whether you're LGBT or not. If you need to speak to a friend or someone who understands, Spectrum members are available. Remember, coming out is an ongoing and individualized process,
but no one should go through it alone.


Spectrum aims to create a fun, social environment for all of its members. We hold social gatherings that such as movie nights, dinners, celebrations for LGBT related events such as National Coming Out Day, etc. To provide an inclusive atmosphere is of utmost importance, and we hope to have fun while also creating a positive change towards social justice. Find us on Facebook for the latest events.


Although the meetings, activities and programs of the Spectrum are open to the SMU Community, the names of those involved with Spectrum are kept confidential. This is for both safety and comfort, allowing students to attend Spectrum without risk of repercussions. If you plan to participate in a meeting or event, please respect the needs of every student in this manner.