My Values

My values lie in my family and my friends.

Without the continual support of my family, I could never have reached where I am today. Even my grandparents and multiple uncles and aunts from across the ocean in China have all been extremely supportive of me from day one. Added to these are all my mentors and teachers who have sometimes seemed like parental figures themselves in the care they have on me. They push me hard, in part because they know that I can still go further or that I can still achieve greater success. Without them, I would have fallen into complacency long ago. 

Friends are also incredibly important to me. I thought I knew who my friends were in middle school, people I talked to every day, people who I hung out with and joked around with. But then I moved to a new school, and I found out who my real friends were. A lot of them have grown up with me for the past 10 years, ever since I moved to the Dallas area, and they have really become people that I can be real with, no sugar-coating needed. They are the people who will set aside whatever they’re working on and make room for my complaints and problems, and who never turn away from my issues but help me confront and overcome them.