Ryan Tanner


Welcome to my website

Hi, My name is Ryan Tanner. I am now a Sophomore here at Southern Methodist University (SMU) and plan on majoring in Computer Science. I am working on going into the Co-op program SMU's engineering school supports in which I will work for a company here in Dallas (or elsewhere) doing actual work related to my major. Once I graduate, I plan to have a job secured either with a company I already worked for during the Co-op program, with another company that can use the skillset, or take the skills I have honed and start my own company with some of my friends who are majoring in various other fields.



  • Good with Computers and most any electronic devices.
  • I know my way around a Windows, Linux (mainly Ubuntu or some derivative of it), and Mac Operating Systems
  • I am currently studying Computer Science at SMU in Dallas and am learning (or learned) a few programming and Web Design languages: Java, C++ (Specifically learning Data Structures right now), Objective C (self-taught), ARM Assembly, HTML, and CSS.