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My assignment this week is to write about my values and which of them I value the most.  I don’t even really know what that means.  I guess I’m supposed to say something like “I’m humble and I think that really makes me a good person,” but saying things like that seems strange to me.  I guess I can just list things that I like about myself, though.  I think I’m able to work really well without outside pressure, and I think that sometimes I can even do better work without anyone trying to help me.  Of course, that isn’t in every situation, only certain ones where people tend to just get in the way.  I guess I should rephrase my initial thought to something like “I’m self motivated” to make it sound like I don’t crash under pressure.  Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.  It all really depends on other pressures.  I think that I’m also sometimes able to be as critical of myself as I am of others and their work.  I don’t often get complacent about where I am in any activity; I usually try to move myself forward by questioning myself and my own actions a lot.

I guess something else that’s “valuable” about me is that I am studying both writing and playing music to the same degree right now.  I guess that’s something that could potentially be “marketable,” as a lot of performers I know feel very disconnected with composers (especially when they write near impossible parts for their instrument).  I would also say that my experience on instruments other than oboe is an asset, since I can to some degree be versatile as a performer.

That seems to be everything.  bye

Author: Trey Stricklin

R.S. Stricklin III is currently studying composition and oboe performance as an undergraduate at Southern Methodist University.

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  1. So think about values as things that matter TO you–what do you most want out of life? What things make you happy? You don’t need tpo add to this, but as you write about your motivations, you might as the same question. What matters to you?

    And yes, I agree about your last blog–very little worse than old people saying “all of you” anything. And BTW, every generation gets smarter and faster and the numbers of folks picking delayed gratification does not change … well done

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