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Urgent Actions Against the Death Penalty


Urgent Action


Thomas Arthur, aged 75, is due to be executed in Alabama on 25 May. This is his 8th execution date since 2001, 3 times coming within a day of being killed. He maintains his innocence. This would be the 1st execution under the current Alabama governor

Write a letter, send an email, call, fax or tweet:

* Noting Thomas Arthur has not asked the governor for clemency, but calling on her to stop his execution;

* Noting that during the time that Thomas Arthur has been on death row, evidence of arbitariness and error in the US capital justice system has mounted, and the use of the death penalty has declined as concern has grown;

* Noting his disproportionate punishment compared to the other persons said to be involved in the murder;

* Expressing concern that the state has blocked advanced DNA testing in this case.

Friendly reminder: If you send an email, please create your own instead of forwarding this one!

Contact below official by 25 May, 2017:

Governor Kay Ivey

Alabama State Capitol

600 Dexter Avenue

Montgomery, Alabama 36130


Fax: +1 334 353 0004

Email: http://governor.alabama.gov/contact (use US detail)

Salutation: Dear Governor