What are my skills? If we’re talking about dance, I can simply say I have worked for the past 15 years and have gained skills in the multiple styles of dance that one can find. I also have life skills that will help me to make my dance skills available to others and to make me a more hireable dancer. That is truly what I hope the compilation of all my skills will result in: my success as a dancer. For me, that is the true goal, and if I can further establish and season my skills to make me the most wanted version of myself then, in my mind, I have been successful as a dancer and student while in school.

Elevator Pitch Rough Draft

“Elevator Pitch Rough Draft”

Hey, I’m Paige Craig and I’m a dancer. I don’t mean I’m a dancer in the sense that I can move well, ya know, I’m a dancer in everything I do. I eat, sleep, basically everything is dance. I adore it and I can’t imagine doing anything else. Yes, it can be exhausting but the 3 minutes on stage makes it all worth it. I would love to talk to you more if you have time! Do you have a card I could take perhaps?”


When I think about what really motivates me I automatically think about my desire to change the world for the better. My favorite quote by Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see in the world” is one of the most influential quotes that I try to live my life by. I find that by using this quote as my motivation I enter into every situation with a positive and uplifting attitude. This means that no matter what I’m doing I make sure to be motivated by the most pure source. I try to be as self motivated as possible as well because, especially as a dancer it is important to trust yourself and to know that you are the only one who can change your body, your movement, your attitude. I know that if I keep this mindset up then I will be able to be successful in a dance world where it can be very easy to get let down and to lose sight of what truly motivates you.


When I think about my values and how they align both personally and work related I am very happy to say that they are virtually identical. I try to live my life in a way that glorifies God and that makes me feel like I am contributing nothing but happiness and love into the world. My personal values and goals involve living a life that is full of love and that makes other ¬†people feel loved when they’re around me. I feel like as a dancer my “work” goals involve the desire for the same result, I want other to feel happy and full of love when they see me dance. As a performer the desire is always that the audience leaves the performance as a better person or as a person who feels like they have been positively affected in some way. I want people to see me and to know me and to feel like they are valued. I want to make the world a better place and I know that if I continue on the path I’m on then I will be able to do just that and I CANNOT wait!!


When I think about the way I work, my habits and what I wish I could improve, I honestly have many things that affect the way I can process and successfully work. Whether it be my mood, my location, or just the actual work I’m needing to accomplish I have to think that my desire to excel makes me work hard regardless of the task. I have some specfic methods that help me to work to my highest potential, like in the first reading I always use repitition to help me memorize movement for dance or in normal academic classes. I also make sure that when I need to buckle down and get work done I go to a place where I can be alone and with nothing but simple music to help me focus.

I believe that my self-efficacy is something that I value the most. I pride myself on being able to see my dreams as things that are attainable and goals that I know I must reach. I know that if I stay on this path and I believe that I can successfully become who I want to be, then my dreams will really become a reality.


*originally posted on FB on 9/3/13*

Alright, so I can’t believe I am already here and have had a full week of classes, it still doesn’t seem real. I find myself constantly in awe of how lucky I am to be here and to be doing what I love…dancing. With that being said, I first want to just say how my life has been enriched by this love of dance since day one, and how I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today without¬†this passion that has been driving me for the past 16 years. I can still remember the giddy feelings I would have going into my baby ballet classes, and the fact that I am currently studying dance as my major at such an INCREDIBLE univeristy is seriously beyond mind blowing. I am looking forward to these next four years and to grow as an artist both inside the classroom and outside of the classroom. I know that by the time I graduate I will have become a very well versed dancer and person. I hope that I will be able to take on the world, and to dance for as long as I possibly can, wouldn’t that be the life? Traveling the world, dancing, doing what I love. I know that by the time I graduate I will be able to do this, and I am so BEYOND excited to start my journey.



Paige Craig was born and raised in Plano, TX. She attended KJ Dance in Plano, TX for the past 16 years and she was in the competitive company named Pulse for the past 10 years. Paige is beyond thrilled to be attending Southern Methodist University as a dance major and to be receiving her BFA in dance. Paige, while attending KJ Dance, trained under the guidance of Kristy Ulmer Blakeslee, Addison Reed, Brian Stevens, Audrea Cowan, Justine Phillips, Kristianne Greene, and Lisa Alexander. Every summer Paige attended the North Texas Summer Dance Intensive which was held at her home studio; during this intensive she received training from Jeff Amsden, DJ Guthrie, Doug Caldwell, Justin Giles, Lindy Giles, Jason Parsons, Jakob Karr, Dana Wilson, Katy Spreadbury, Suzi Taylor, Katie Drablos, Cory Finn, Lauren Adams, Stacey Tookey, Andy Blankenbuehler, Joey Dowling, Al Blackstone, Dee Caspary, John Cartin, Jeremey Duvall, Steve Ewing, Leah Mitchell, Albert Blaise Cattafi, Matt Dorame, Jamal Story, Andy Pellick, Grace Buckley, and more, in multiple styles of dance.

Paige has been recognized for her dance achievements through scholarship awards from New York City Dance Alliance, LA Dance Magic, West Coast Dance Explosion, NUVO, and The Pulse. She performed in her yearly dance recitals, holiday shows, dance competitions, and during her senior year had the honor to be the assistant choreographer for a private schools production of ‚ÄúSeussical.‚ÄĚ Dancing has been one of Paige‚Äôs great loves for all of her life and she cannot wait for the next 4 years of her life as she grows as a dancer and person.