My Values

As selfish as it may seem, I think that I value my utility the most. Aspiring to become a professional dancer means that you have to assign a high value to your self and your work. I have to value my body which requires me to eat healthy food, get plenty of sleep and take care of myself when I get sick. I also have to value my time. I have spent countless hours in and outside of the studio practicing my craft and while it can be difficult to balance academic requirements as well I know that there is no other way to succeed in both. Artists are required to value themselves first, so that they may give more fully to their audience. This is not to say that I don’t care for others. I have just put my career plans first.

I would not mind being separated from my family and friends to pursue dance because the opportunity to work in a professional dance company is offered to such few people. I wouldn’t care if I had to work for an organization with different religious or political views than me because there are plenty of other topics that we can make connections through. After all art has the ability to bridge boundaries, as long as I was in an environment with other passionate people working for a common goal I would be happy.

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