Finding My Calling

This is my first post for my First-Year Arts Community Experience class, otherwise known as FACE, at SMU.  I am originally from Jacksonville Beach, Florida and started taking dance classes at a small studio in St. Augustine, FL called The Dance Company. I initially began dance classes at the age of nine at the request of my mother, who is a former professional dancer. When I began dance classes, it was for the simple enjoyment of movement. I had no thoughts of becoming a professional dancer until ninth grade, as an entering freshman in Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, a magnet school for the arts in Jacksonville, FL. I realized that if I wanted to become a professional dancer dance had to become  my main priority.

I don’t think that I could point to a specific instant in time when I realized that dancing was my calling. It was more that I found my simple enjoyment of dance evolve into an integral part of my being. Dancing has become part of my identity, without it I would feel as though my soul has been severed.

It is interesting to me to contemplate my goals for the future while I am at SMU. There are a plethora of resources available to me, while I will probably not be able to participate in every opportunity that comes my way. I want to focus on putting my full efforts into the projects I take on; my current goal is to make the best return possible on the investment I have made in SMU and in myself to become a successful artist upon graduation.

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