My Values

Before working on my blog entry, I made a list of things that are valuable to me in my work and in life. My values:
Hard work
This is not a complete list of my values, and with the time I can add more things to it. However why did I choose these particular words to describe what is valuable to me?
First of all my values in life are projected on my aspirations in art. I want to become independent, successful and demanded artist. In order to achieve my goal I have to cultivate such qualities as persistence, hard work, moderation and
experience. These characteristics are essential for my success. One can ask why did I not mention talent as one of my values? Of course it is a substantial quality for an artist, but pure talent without hard work and persistence will not get you
to the top of your career.
Second, my family and friends are extremely valuable in my life and work. If it was not for them I would not go so far, and would not achieve everything I have now. It is highly important that my family is proud of me. Their support helps me to
reach better results and brings meaning in my life.
Finally I value when the artwork or any other work is done honestly and passionately. I think emotions are important aspect of any kind of art. When I see true personality glowing through a piece of art, I know that the artist put his or hers soul into it.

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