My Skills

Some skills that I have developed and nourished over the years are:

Ability to think out of the box and create creative solutions;
Take risks and explore my potential;
Be open minded;
See a failure as an opportunity to improve my skills;
Be able to never give up;
Concentrate on the goal;
Adapt to new places and environments;
Accept critique;
Create a beautiful work of art;
Ability to negotiate the price and promote the product;
Manage time.

These are skills that are important during the years in school when learning and ability to absorb the information are crucial for successful graduation. However after the school I will enter drastically different environment, where assignments and grades are part of our mental agreement, and teachers are time and space. Also these are the skills that I developed through cultural experience. Namely, being an immigrant, I have some advantage over the others in terms of exploring the environment and finding my own space. Since the country was a new territory for me, I did lots of work to make it my home, when other people do not go outside their comfort zone and live in one place all their life. Through my cultural experience I learned how to be adaptive, open minded, adventurous, exploratory and optimistic. All these characteristics influenced my art tremendously. However I do not want to stop exploring the space we live in, I want to go outside the Texas’ and America’s boarders as well. In my future adventures I want to acquire such skills as: be more sociable and friendly, better finance management, entrepreneurship, ability to charm people and so on.

Product List

1. Oil portraits from photos (kids, adults, elderly):
Portrait Sketch 16×20 – $299.99
Head and Shoulders 20×24 – $399.99
Head and Hands 24×30 – $599.99
Full Lengths 36×48 – $699.99


2. Abstract art paintings:
Starting from $200 for a piece (16×20).


3. Photography:
The cost is comprised from hourly artist commission plus material cost and plus post production work such as Photoshop retouching.
1) Regular Session: $155 for 1-2 person(s), $185 up to 4 persons and $20 each additional person (1 hour).
2) Newborn Session: $500 (2-3 hours)
3) Maternity Session: $200 for 1-2 adults (1 hour)


Prices for Image Files on CD:
1) Single image file: $60
2) CD (10 files, 2-5×7): $300
3) CD (15 files, 1-8×10, 2-5×7): $350
4) CD (20 files, 2-8×10, 2-5×7): $400
5) CD (ALL files, 25+ including Color & B&W, includes 1- 11×14, 3-8×10, 3- 5×7’s): $500

4. Art classes for kids and adults:
The cost of supplies is not included.

1) Private Lessons: $50 for 2 hour session two days a week for 10 weeks.
2) Group Lessons (5-10 people): $40 for 2 hour lesson two days a week for 10 weeks.

My Elevator Pitch

I believe any great achievement should start with a dream. My dream is to find and test my ultimate potential in life and art. I don’t wish to choose the easy paths, but instead I choose to challenge myself and discover new personal characteristics. In art I like to make an impact, to express my personal statement, and hopefully to change people views. My coming to America is a challenge in and of itself since my home and my parents are in Latvia. However by making a change in my own life I believe I can inspire other people to follow their own dreams.

My Motivations

In making art my biggest motivation is eagerness to see how people will respond towards my work. I like to shock and surprise my audience, and I like to see how far I can go with my imagination. Also experimentation is a big part of making an art piece, and it is highly motivational process because you never know what you going to get at the end. If you go beyond your comfort zone, you can discover new methods, ideas and perspectives. Another motivating aspect is a desire to perform better than you did last time. It is an evidence of personal growth and achievement. There are many kinds of motivation but in order to make a better art you need to know your own mind set and how you can achieve better results.

My Values

Before working on my blog entry, I made a list of things that are valuable to me in my work and in life. My values:
Hard work
This is not a complete list of my values, and with the time I can add more things to it. However why did I choose these particular words to describe what is valuable to me?
First of all my values in life are projected on my aspirations in art. I want to become independent, successful and demanded artist. In order to achieve my goal I have to cultivate such qualities as persistence, hard work, moderation and
experience. These characteristics are essential for my success. One can ask why did I not mention talent as one of my values? Of course it is a substantial quality for an artist, but pure talent without hard work and persistence will not get you
to the top of your career.
Second, my family and friends are extremely valuable in my life and work. If it was not for them I would not go so far, and would not achieve everything I have now. It is highly important that my family is proud of me. Their support helps me to
reach better results and brings meaning in my life.
Finally I value when the artwork or any other work is done honestly and passionately. I think emotions are important aspect of any kind of art. When I see true personality glowing through a piece of art, I know that the artist put his or hers soul into it.

My Work Habits

abstractAfter many years of studying in school and in college I have developed some work habits, and I have learned to understand my body’s mental and physical language better. For example, I have learned how to memorize things better and how to do my work more efficiently.
However when it comes to my habits in art studio, I have a completely different approach. First of all, when I am creating an art piece, I need to achieve a certain “creative mode”. This mode is substantially important, in my opinion, to the artistic process. How do I reach this mode? I simply start drawing or painting primarily focusing on my vision of the outcome. During this stage it seems that my consciousness emerges into some sort of meditative state. It is a phase when the control of the artistic process is fully entrusted to my emotions rather than my consciousness. When I achieve this
phase I am able to create an expressive art with bold marks, high contrast and a wide range of emotions. This is the process in which I represent my internal world through two-dimensional media.
Another habit, related to the creative process, that I consider important is that I am interested more in the act of creating the art piece itself rather than in the outcome. The understanding of this concept helps me to be more risky and
experiment more without any fear of damaging the piece. I have experienced ruining some of my work just because I was too expressive and took it too far. However I am in the beginning of my professional career, and at the moment the
process of creating the art is more valuable for me than the result.

My History

DallasMy journey in this life started overseas in the USSR, a country that no longer exist, in 1988. In 1991 that country collapsed leaving millions of people without hope for the” bright” socialistic future they were promised. At the time I was not aware of these things happening around me, but later on I was able to analyze how the world around me was changing. Just imagine for a second that America loses the Cold War, and becomes socialistic republic. That is basically what happened when the USSR lost the Cold War and became capitalistic country. Everything was turned upside down, and the belief system collapsed along with the county. One day my family and I woke up in the different country – Latvia. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t move anywhere, no were we asked to leave. The country simply experienced political and cultural deformation, and in the place of Russian government came Latvian government.

Although my grandmother is Latvian, I cannot consider myself Latvian simply because I grew up speaking Russian. However my mom doesn’t have any Russian blood because her father was Tartar and her mother was Latvian. Only my father is Russian. Eventually this cultural mix leaves me with this complicated hereditary question: Where am I from and where do I belong? Most likely searching the answer led me to leave my country and come to America. I came to Dallas in June of 2009. I was studying art and science at Collin Community College District since 2010, and had been accepted to Southern Methodist University in August of 2013. I think this is new beginning of explorations for me and new way of inspirations. In this changing environment I have learned to speak many languages: Russian, Latvian, English; and I am learning to understand different cultures. However the language of art is something that unites all the countries, all the cultures, and all the languages. The language of art is the most difficult, but although the most rewarding language, because with its help you can fully express your feelings and emotions.

Hello world!


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My name is Olga Romanova and I am aspiring artist earning my Bachelors of Fine Arts at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. I was born and raised in Riga, Latvia, and moved to the United States in 2009 to pursue my dreams. Back in Latvia I was witness to both the Russian and Latvian ways of life, and have adopted both cultures as my own. As a result I have found it very easy to accept the American way of life, and I am very proud to contribute to the “cultural melting pot.” Moreover, I became inspired by the diversity and eclectic ancestry of the States. Therefore in my art I am trying to reflect cultural diversity of my past and present. My past resonates modesty of Nordic culture and uniqueness of Russian traditions, and my present is inspired by modernity and freedom of Western world.