How I Work

The determinant factor of my work habits is not how I complete the assignment, but rather what I am working on. I have to methods of working: I am either completely absorbed by the project or assignment, thinking about it constantly and obsessively planning every minute detail, or I am uninterested, irresponsibly procrastinating until the night before. Although some may argue this method is ineffective, I have found that I produce my best work when under the pressure of a deadline. These two different styles of working are a manifestation of my personality– I am an obsessive person when it comes to things that interest me and usually everything else becomes secondary. Often my room is left unkempt, clothes strewn across the floor, because I suppose I am not interested in thinking about it, instead choosing to sit down and begin working on this website or (when its absolutely necessary) my homework. I suppose it would be beneficial to me if I worked on my time management skills.

About Nigel Gilbert

The less you know, the more you want to know.
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