Nicole Fantine Bordelon

Blog Post #5: My Skills

As artists, we would like to say that our greatest skill is in our art.  Musicians spend countless hours of their lives training and perfecting their instrument.  We rehearse and rehearse and rehearse for hours on end.  This is what we know.  We think that our main goal should be to perfect our art and become amazing at what we do.  In thinking this, we are ignoring the big picture.  Anyone can be an artist.  Anyone can pick up an instrument and attempt to play or hear a song and try to sing it.  The art itself is not what helps you become successful.  It is the person behind the art.  The determination, motivation, and intellect behind the artist is what leads to success.

My skill is singing.  I love to sing and I work very hard to improve.  As for the future, this is not enough.  I need to improve on my promotional skills.  I need to have a better grasp of what I want to do with my art and then have the ability to express this idea with others.  These are the skills necessary for becoming a successful artist.  Don’t get me wrong, I still need to improve on my singing technique and performance ability.  Improvement is a never-ending process that every artist must work hard at for their entire lives.  But this year I have learned that it is important to develop a different perspective on your art.  What does it mean to other people?  What makes you different?  Why is it important?

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