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This agreement is made between Nicole Bordelon, [512-576-7932] and [buyer name], [buyer contact info] (the Buyer)


Service or Work

  1. I can provide voice lessons for $40/hour.  The standard lesson times are once a week for one hour.  Extra lessons may be provided upon request.  Notify me in advance of any cancellations.  I will host a winter recital as well as a spring recital for all of my voice and piano students.
  2. I provide beginning piano lessons for any age at $20/hour.  The standard lesson times are once a week for either an hour or half an hour.  Half hour lessons are suggested for younger students.  Extra lessons may be provided upon request.  Notify me in advance of any cancellations.  I will host a winter recital as well as a spring recital for all of my voice and piano students.
  3. I can sing at your wedding for $150.  You may choose a song list from my repertoire, or I can sing any song upon request.  Please book at least a month before the wedding day.
  4. I will sing the Star Spangled Banner at events for $100.
  5. I will sing a concert of Christmas carols during the holiday season for $80/hour.  Please book ahead of time to ensure that I am available for your event as performances for the holiday season are under high demand.
  6. I provide contemporary, jazz, lyrical, modern, and musical theatre choreography for solo and group routines.  My fee is $80/piece.
  7. I can help rehearse and clean songs and dances for musicals at $30/hour.
  8. I provide math tutoring for subjects up to Geometry, Algebra II, and Calculus AB at $15/hour.
  9. I will rehearse and clean dance solos for competitions and performances at $30/hour.

10. I can do your hair for performances or events.  Buns, braids, updos, curls, or anything else upon request.  You may look at my pinterest page for ideas. The average price is $30, but it may vary upon difficulty of the hair style.


Date and Time or Terms of delivery

• Nicole Bordelon will perform at [time], and [place], for buyer [or client], for [event].

• Lessons will be provided at [time], and [place].



The fee is $ [amount].  Full payment is due at the time of service.

Travel or Parking

•I will need parking for one car.

•I will book the flights and send you the details of flights times and cost in advance. You will reimburse me for the entire cost of economy flights including taxes and seat charges. I will confirm the total cost before booking. If you provide transportation for me between the airport and the gig, there will be no other expenses.


Technology and Equipment

I will need a microphone.



There are photos, biographies, and song clips for you to view at my website,



You may photograph the performance, but I retain all rights for the content and all rights for distribution.  You may video the performance upon request.

Artist reserves the common-law copyright to all works, including all reproduction rights and the right to claim statutory copyright. No work may be reproduced by the Buyer without the prior written approval of Artist.



If you resell the work, I am entitled to 100% of the total sale price minus the original cost you paid in this agreement.



In the event that either the Presenter or the Artist is unable to fulfill its obligation due to damage or destruction of the venue by fire, verified disability of the Artist, acts or regulations of public authorities, labor difficulties, civil tumult, strike, epidemic, or any unforeseen occurrence rendering the performance(s) impossible; neither the Artist nor the Presenter shall be held legally responsible for any damages arising from the cancellation of the performance(s) listed herein.  Cancellations or changes of date for reasons other than those listed above shall render the Artist liable for any expenses, documented in writing, incurred by the Presenter in connection with this event.


Insurance and Liabilities

The Artist is responsible for his or her liabilities, and the Buyer/Presenter affirms its self-insured status for its own liabilities.

The Artist assumes no liabilities for any disappointment, distress or other result of the fulfillment of this contract.


Good luck and thank you. Please call me if you need anything. Thank you.


We agree to these terms


Nicole Fantine Bordelon

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