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Blog #4: My Motivations

Blog #4:  My motivations


Few things in life are easy.  Everything from finding the right friends to getting a well-paid job has its own set of challenges.  People strive to have the perfect combination of happiness and success, but at a certain point, we try so hard to obtain this goal that we focus too much on the outcome and forget about the main motivation behind our actions.  At this point, we can never be satisfied by our achievements.


This idea of overthinking outcomes has really hit home for me.  Since my arrival at SMU, I have found myself feeling overly stressed and run down by the burdens of college life.  There is a need to find the perfect group of friends, have perfect grades, join every club, have a perfect singing voice, study as much as possible, socialize as much as possible, have fun and be successful.  Looking forward at all of these tasks and goals can be overwhelming.  As I think into the future, these tasks begin to seem increasingly unattainable, causing me to feel tempted to give up.  I forget about my initial motivations for these goals and why I put myself in this position in the first place.  I didn’t have to come to college.  I didn’t have to pursue a double major in music and business.  I brought this upon myself because I felt motivated to have a strong music background as well as a successful career in business. I believed this life to be fully attainable.  When I feel overwhelmed, I just need to step back and remember why I chose this life in the first place.  I chose to follow a path that leads to happiness.  There is so much that I still have to experience before I reach the point of maturity where I have to find a long-term career.  My motivation right now is to just be able to look back and say that I enjoyed my time in college and made memories that will stay with me forever.

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