Work Habits

Procrastination. A weakness of mine. For instance I’m waiting until now to do my blog. Could’ve done it at any time this weekend, instead I tend to wait and do large chunks of things at a time. I’d probably be much more efficient if I broke it up, but it takes time for me to get into the study mode. Once I’m in though… I’m in.

Time management. Hmmm. Pretty good this year. I enjoy not having every class every day. It’s so much easier that high school! I can break it up and wait until the last minute and there isn’t that much to do. Fantastic. SO much reading though. My religion class has readings do MWF and Discourse you already know.. then on top of those surprisingly theatre has me reading like crazy this semester. I tend to write everything I need to get done in order of importance/due date then choose randomly from the list. I’m weird like that.

Setting. When reading I MUST have silence. Anything else.. MUSIC! Doesn’t matter where I am really as long as there isn’t a giant showcase of talent going on in my proximity.

Mood Setters. That focused mood I find myself in most of the time comes after a nice nap or a little piano. A little improv on the piano always calms me down and lets me really focus. Singing does the trick too. Get my Buble on for ehh 15 minutes and I’m good to go. Food! Food always makes studying better! You can eat and do almost anything at the same time. Then it just feels like I’m eating, not studying.. BAM

Motivation. The most important thing of all. Why am I doing this? Sometimes I’ve really got to search, but in the end there is always something that guilts me into putting in effort.

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  1. I think it’s cool how can embrace music to get focused. You should post some piano improv sometime- that would be super cool!

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